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BioGuard Soft Soak TRIO Spa Care Kit

Breaks down oils and dirt embedded in filter’s fabric
Product Code: BIO 4201
Size: 1 Kit - Bioguard Soft Soak® TRIO™ pre-measured packets for athree-month cycle. The easy step numbers eliminate the guesswork and let you know exactly when to add them.

Step 1: Enhancing Water Softener

  • A proprietary blend of salts and minerals
  • Makes a discernible difference in how the water feels on your skin
  • Lasts for the entire three-month cycle

Step 2: Weekly Softener & Clarifier

  • Non-chlorine oxidizers remove common contaminants that cloud water
  • Additional softeners boost the comfort level
  • Helps prevent corrosion and scale on surfaces

Step 3: Restoring Spa Cleanser

  • Flushes the system after 3-month cycle
  • Removes built-up grime (lotion, body oil, make-up, hair-care products, dirt and debris)
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