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Pool Opening Kit

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BioGuard Pool Opening Kit

  • Prepares your pool for the season
  • Build a chlorine residual with 1 kg of BioGuard Power Chlor
  • Prevent algae early with 946 ml of BioGuard Banish Algaecide
  • Treats pools up to 80,000 L

Prepare for The Pool Season with a BioGuard Pool Opening Kit

BioGuard products contain only the highest-quality chemicals, so you can be sure your pool is getting the best available treatment. Better chemicals keep water balanced and help pool equipment last longer. Open your pool with BioGuard’s Pool Opening Kit to spend more time relaxing and less time worrying about pool maintenance.

Each Pool Opening Kit includes enough Power Chlor and Algaecide to treat pools up to 80,000 litres. The BioGuard Power Chlor builds up a chlorine residual which you can use to transition into a regular maintenance schedule with BioGuard Smart Shock. The Banish Algaecide prevents algae early on in the pool season to keep swimmers safe and pool maintenance easy.

The Best in Swimming Pool Opening Kits

BioGuard Pool Opening Kits are not only better for your pool, but can help prevent skin irritation and other discomforts. Since BioGuard chemicals are of best in market quality, you can be sure that each application will yield consistent results and be free of potentially harmful fillers or contaminants.

Best of all, using a BioGuard Pool Opening Kit means you can spend less time worrying about your pool maintenance schedule and more time relaxing and enjoying your pool!

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